SharePoint use a different Master Page for a single page

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After creating a custom error page in SharePoint I had a specific requirement for this page to use a custom design for which a Master Page was already created.

After taking a look at PublishingLayoutPage class in Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing I saw that is looks for a querystring “OverrideMasterPageUrl” , by appending this querystring to a publishing page and specifying a valid location to a MasterPage file it will do what the name suggest and override the default Master file for the site.

Continuing to look at the PublishingLayoutPage  class you can also set the string property  ”MasterPageFile” to the URL of your custom Master Page file so if you are using code behind with your page layout this is also an option instead of using the querystring method,  in your code file you can do this

namespace MyNameSpace
   public class ErrorLayoutPage : Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.PublishingLayoutPage
    protected override void OnPreInit(EventArgs e)
     this.MasterPageFile = "/_catalogs/MasterPage/mycustom.master";


SharePoint Global Calendar

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A centralized calendar is a great feature to have for portals or collaboration workspaces, however, there is no default way to achieve this in WSS without a third party solution.

Gunnar Peipman has an excellent article on creating a SharePoint global calendar using site data query and calendar view control. I have slightly modified the code to allow the Global Calendar web part to query all SharePoint event list and I have added a custom field in SharePoint which will determine if the list item will display on our global calendar web part.

You can visit Gunnar Peipman’s blog to view the entire code I will list sections of the original code and modifications I have made. Read the rest of this entry »

Patching SharePoint with minimal downtime

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From Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog

In brief, the solution requires that you:

  • Disable mirroring and set the mirror databases to read-only
  • Route network and database traffic to the read-only databases
  • Apply software updates to the offline servers
  • Route network and database traffic to the updated servers
  • Apply software updates to the secondary farm
  • Re-enable mirroring and set the mirrored databases to read/write

To read the full solution, see Configure a server farm for minimal downtime during software updates

Patterns and practices Developing SharePoint Applications guidance

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From Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog

Patterns and practices has released a new version of guidance for building collaborative applications that extend your LOB systems.  The guidance helps customers accelerate constructing advanced applications through examples and documentation. The guidance delivers a guide, a reusable library, and a reference implementation for a partner portal extranet.

Visit to view the release.

Customizing the SharePoint ECB with Javascript

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The SharePoint ECB ( Edit Control Block ) is the contect menu that is displayed for items in a SharePoint list , Jan Tielen has an excellent 3 part post on his blog on customizing the ECB and adding aditional menu items.  One idea Jan has applied is a url shorting menu item for sending links to list items documents etc…

Im interested to see what other Ideas people will come up with, what ideas do you have?

Modify the SharePoint Wiki Interface

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A nice post on modifying the SharePoint wiki interface.

The screencast is from End User SharePoint ( )  while the directions and example of the wiki can be found at  Bits of SharePoint