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Product introduction and technical parameters of dc018 power outlet

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The product introduction and technical parameters of dc018 power socket are introduced to you. The data are more detailed. If necessary, you can contact and collect web pages for emergency use.
With the rapid development of electronic products, at present, the application of DC power socket is very extensive. Basically, it is necessary to use household electrical appliances at present. It is also due to the specifications of DC power sockets more classification, the different specifications, its sockets have this different performance characteristics, that is, the use of the DC power outlet can not be randomly selected. If the specifications are DC005, DC009, DC018 power sockets and other models, do you have a comprehensive understanding of the specifications of these specifications? Relative to your non technical personnel, it is sure that there is little knowledge about the DC socket. The following is a brief introduction to the dc018 power outlet. Sexual parsing and application scenario description.
Product introduction:
Dc018 power socket is mainly composed of transverse socket, fork contact shrapnel, vertical socket insulation base, directional keyway and so on. The socket is exposed to the top of the base cylinder, which is used for connecting the power cord or soft cable. It is important to note that the two fork type contact shrapnel in the DC power outlet is located at the center of the base, which is not connected to each other vertically and horizontally. As long as the DC plug is inserted into the socket type contact shrapnel insulation base socket of the socket, the device can be energized. Its dc018 power socket is generally used in television, sound, computers, electronic instruments, household appliances and other fields.
Technical parameters:
Ambient temperature: 15~35 C
Relative humidity: 25%~80%
Rated value: DC 12V 1A
Pressure: 86kPa~106kPa
Contact resistance: less than 0.03 Omega
Insertion strength: 2.94~29.4N
Pull out strength: 2.94~29.4N
Insulation resistance: > 100M Omega
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