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DC socket installation should pay attention to the pin connection method

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DC socket installation should pay attention to the wiring method of the pin. There are six important matters needing attention.
DC socket in today's various industries is a common type of socket element, its application range is very wide, such as video and audio equipment, household appliances, computer equipment, etc., then DC socket in these daily applications, do you know the installation of DC socket pin connection method when it is installed? What do you need to pay attention to in the use of it? As a non - technical person, the knowledge of the understanding of the knowledge we are sure to know less, before we gave you detailed explanation of the DC power socket application and selection skills, that is to say today is the content of DC socket pin wiring methods and the use of attention.
DC socket pin connection method
The DC socket is generally composed of three pins. The definition of the socket pin is that the first pin represents the power positive (also the middle pin), the second pin is the negative static contact and the third pin is the negative moving contact (2 and 3 pins are about two pins). Next, the DC socket pin wiring method is that the pin in the middle of the socket is the grounding wire, and the other two ends are connected to the power line and the zero line respectively. The order of wiring is usually based on the statement of left, zero and right fire, meaning that the pin on the left is connected with the zero line, and the right side of the pin is connected with the fire line.
Precautions for the use of DC socket
When using the DC socket, check whether the working voltage and the working current are in conformity with the power of the socket. If it does not agree, it is possible to not load the current between the inner lines of the socket and cause the phenomenon of fire.
Note two
DC socket hole, to avoid contact with water droplets invasion, whether the socket inside the circuit will cause short-circuit and other failures.
Note three
If the pin of the DC socket has a fissure phenomenon, it should be replaced immediately, or the current transmission between pins in the socket is unstable, resulting in spark and other phenomena in the socket, which may cause an explosion to cause fire.
Note four
Do not use a socket in a humid environment, or the line inside the socket will be affected by wet air, which may cause a short circuit between the inner lines of the socket.
Note five
Do not exceed the rated power of the DC socket on the use, and the pins between the sockets will not be able to load, so it is possible to burn the socket. You need to pay more attention to this.
Note six
When installing the DC socket, it is necessary to check whether the installation is firm, such as the loose phenomenon in the use of the socket, and the bad contact between the line of the socket and the fault of short circuit.
Two points for DC socket selection
1. when choosing DC socket, it depends on whether the surface of the socket is broken or not.
Whether the rated current value, power supply and rated power of the 2.dc socket are up to standard, if necessary, ask the merchant to produce the relevant inspection report.
The above gives a detailed explanation of the DC socket pin wiring method and the use of attention and other contents, and now we should also know to understand the DC socket pin connection method, but the small editor at the end also have to say a note of attention, that is, when the DC socket connection, the first power switch off, the operation can be connected, Avoid some safety accidents and so on.
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