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Introduction to the working principle and type of DC socket

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DC circular hole is a common part of our electrical appliances, its working principle and type need to give you a brief introduction, I hope you can do these problems through these details.
What is a DC socket outlet
DC circular socket principle:
1, the DC hole socket is a kind of socket which matches the special power supply for computer display. It is composed of transverse, longitudinal, insulated base, fork type contact shrapnel and directional keyway. The two fork type contact shrapnel is located in the center of the base, and the vertical and horizontal arrangement is not connected to each other.
2, one end of the fork type contact shrapnel is a junction, which is exposed to the top of the base cylinder for connecting to the soft wire or soft cable of the power supply. The other end of the fork type contact bullet is composed of two elastic arms interconnected by the matrix. It is set in the insulating base socket of the DC plug and supplies the use of the computer display device to make it work normally.
DC round socket specification:
1, because the DC circular socket is used according to the difference of the computer model, the DC socket socket has many specifications, and the DC circular socket center pin has: 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 1.0mm, 1.1mm, 1.3mm, 1.65mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm.
2, the common DC socket specifications are: 2.35*0.7TVdc plug, 3.0*0.1TV DC plug, 2.5*0.75TVdc plug, 3.5*1.1TVDC plug, 3.2*0.9TV DC plug, 4.0*0.7TVdc plug, 4.75*1.7TVdc plug, 3.5*1.35TV, 2.0*0.6TVdc plug, plug, plug.
DC power outlet connection method:
1, DC power outlet connection:
The brown is the positive, the black is the negative. Or the center of the socket is a positive pole, and a negative side is at the edge of the socket.
2, the typical connection of the DC low voltage power supply plug:
The typical connection of DC low voltage power plug is the earthing of the jacket and the input of the power supply to the inner core. As for that end positive negative pole, it is determined by the circuit of the equipment. Most of the current circuits are the main circuit of the NPN polarity component. The circuit is grounded with the power negative electrode, so the DC interface of these electrical devices is on the negative pole, so the jacket of the electrical source plug should be the negative pole of the power supply. Connect the positive pole.
DC circular socket application type:
1, audio and video products: MP3, MP4, DVD. audio;
2, digital products: digital cameras, digital cameras and so on;
3, remote control: vehicle, rolling door, home remote control products;
4, communication products: mobile phone, car phone, telephone, building equipment, PDA, etc.
5, household appliances: TV sets, microwave ovens, rice cookers, electric fans, electronic body scales, electronic fat scales, electronic kitchen scales, etc.
6, security products: visual interphone, monitor and so on;
7, toys: electronic toys and so on;
8, computer products: camera, recording pen and so on;
9, fitness equipment: running degree machine, massage chair and so on;
10, medical equipment: sphygmomanometer, thermometer, hospital call system and so on.
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