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3 feet DC socket five common misunderstandings

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In life, you can see 3 feet DC sockets everywhere. Common mistakes are introduced to you. There are five points. We should learn more about the details.
With the wide range of household appliances, the number of power supplies at home is also increasing. But if the device is not properly installed, it will lead to a hidden bomb buried in the wall. The relevant inquiry data of the Ministry of public security show that in the fire incident that has erupted in China in the past 10 years, the fire caused by power sockets, switches, circuit breakers and other causes accounted for nearly 30% of the total, ranking first in all kinds of fire.
Misunderstanding one: 3 feet DC socket with low azimuth
Too many families feel too high when they install the sockets, which hinder the Peugeot and will be installed in the lower shade position. But Dr Xia Dong, an electrical Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, declared that it was so simple that when water was mopped up, the water was splashed into the socket, causing electrical leakage. In the industry, the best sockets are not less than 1.8 meters from the ground, and the sockets should not be less than 0.3 meters above the ground. The kitchen and bathroom sockets should be more than 1.5 meters above the ground level, and the socket of the air conditioner should be at least 2 meters above.
Misunderstanding two: 3 feet DC socket wire random device
It is necessary to use the cross section of copper wire for the power wire. If you live in an old house, you must change the original aluminum wire into copper wire.  Because the aluminum wire is simply oxidized, the joint simply fires. Enquiries show that the electrical fire rate is dozens of times that of copper wires. In addition, many families in order to Peugeot, will choose the way of slotting catgut embedding, and the laying of dark tube, in Eastern Xia hint, the wiring must comply with the "forward into the switch, zero line into the lamp" criteria, but also in the socket set of leakage protection device.
Misunderstanding three: 3 feet DC socket lack of protection method
There are often water and fumes in the kitchen and toilet, so the best device on the socket panel can prevent the splash box or plastic baffle, which can help avoid short circuit caused by oil pollution and water vapor intrusion. For families with children, in order to avoid children using finger contact or metal objects to plug socket holes, a safe socket with stable block should be selected. In addition, when decorating a three hole outlet, some decoration companies often make the ground wire nominal, or even directly connect the ground wire to the gas pipeline.  Professionals pointed out that these practices are very risky. The ground wire is connected with the electrical enclosure. Once the electrical leakage occurs, it will cause electric shock.
Misunderstanding four: multiple electrical appliances share the same socket
This will overload the appliance and cause a fire. Air conditioning, washing machines, range hood and other high-power appliances best use of independent socket. Generally speaking, the bedroom is the best device with 4 sets of sockets, one living room for every 2.5 square meters, and 1.2 square meters for the kitchen. misunderstanding
Misunderstanding five: as long as a loop
As long as there is a loop in the old house, the electricity in the whole room will be paralyzed once any line is short circuited. Generally speaking, the socket can choose two or three loops, the kitchen and the bathroom go all the way, and the air conditioner uses a loop.
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