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Explanation of important parameters of touch button switch

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Light touch key switch is now a more common switch, in which the parameters to be explained to you, so that it can quickly understand what can be used on the.
Contact resistance: in small current (100mA);
Insulation resistance: input 500VDC voltage for 1 minutes. Test according to the following contact method:
(1) between the contact terminals.
(2) between the pedestal and the foot.
Withstand voltage: input AC250V (50-60Hz) voltage 1 minutes induction current is 0.5mA, according to the following contact method test:
(1) the feet are between each other.
(2) between the feet and the outer shell.
Driving force: 2500gf + 30gf;
Terminal strength: add 250gf strength test in any direction, the time is 2 minutes.
Test standard condition: temperature, humidity and air pressure are not specified:
(1) temperature 5 - 35 C
(2) humidity 45% - 85%
(3) the pressure is 80Kpa - 106Kpa
Use temperature: at - 30 C +70 C temperature.
Weldability test: the top of the terminal is inserted into the 2mm depth of the tin bath, the temperature is 230 + 5 degrees, and the time is 3 + 0.5 seconds.
Weldability test: when the furnace is welded, the temperature is controlled at 260 + 5 centigrade, and the furnace passing time is 3 + 0.5 seconds.
Life test: no load: the frequency of the operator is 18-30 times per minute. Do 100 thousand non - load tests.
Cold tolerance test: placed in the temperature of 85 + 2 degrees C, after 96 hours of testing, then placed in the normal room for 1 hours to determine.
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