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The treatment of loosening with the DC plug

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DC plugs in the process of the process of loosening should be how to handle, today to teach you these methods, please people in these methods more effort, can avoid the loosening of the DC plug problem.
DC plug is easy to loose in use, in fact, DC plug is not easy to loose, as long as it is inserted tightly, even scraping back and forth will not loose.
Then, how can we make DC plugs tightly attached to the artifact without loosening?
Standard steps:
1. insert the DC plug into the DC socket.
2. press down the DC plug to tighten it.
3. turn the DC plug to the left and fix it.
It is understood that in addition to the detailed design and testing of the products of a very small number of enterprises, most of the multi hole outlets on the market have hidden dangers. How to choose safety products is the most important problem for everyone. Therefore, the experts suggest that consumers should pay attention to these products when they choose these products. The next few points:.
First, when buying mobile socket and converter products, we should choose the rated voltage, the rated current and the wall socket used by the housing. The consumer should first pay attention to the size of the rated current, the order should be the plug more than the power line more than the mobile socket or the converter more than the electric appliance, the order must not be reversed in the order. Because, if the electrical power is too high or the load capacity of the power line is not DC, the socket can cause enough heat to cause fire.
Two is the detachable plug and converter terminal terminal must be threaded clamping terminal (such as screw terminals), this is to prevent accidental pull from the power line is pulled out, and there is a soft wire fixed part to strengthen resistance, only a single unstitched plug and converter, only allowed to use welding. Way.
Three, the plug type of the national standard is flat, with two poles and two pole earthing plugs (commonly known as three pole) plugs. The plug has a cylindrical plug, a plug with a hole in a pin, a plug that can be rotated in a pin, a ground plug and a Tibetan plug, etc.
Four is to pay special attention to the material of plug and socket product. To choose the socket produced by flame retardant plastic, the higher the flame retardancy, the better the flame retardancy. This is because if the plug and socket material are not flame-retardant, it will cause heat to cause fire in the case of short circuit, fire, overvoltage and overcurrent, and the selection of material should also pay attention to screening gold. It belongs to the plug. The plug should have good conduction and pluggable force. The copper content should reach 50%, the earphone socket and the flexible material (such as Tin Phosphorus Bronze) should be selected as much as possible.
Five is prudent use of multi hole socket, multi hole socket if improper design, precision is insufficient, it is likely to occur in the use of electric shock accidents, also lead to misuse, and carefully check the protection door, to see whether the gap between the protection door is too large, because the gap is too large to protect the user's body. It's safe.
Six, consumers need some basic identification skills, starting with the appearance of the product, making a clear regulation of the rated current in the national standard, dividing the plug and socket into single phase detachable plug: 10A and 16A, single phase undisassembled plug: 6A, 10A and 16A, single phase socket: 10A and 16A, such as 13A, 15A's non standard Products are not allowed to be sold and not allowed to be sold at the same time. 10A and 16A are not allowed at the same time. In addition, it is necessary to check the address of the manufacturer or supplier on the product packaging, whether the telephone is complete or not. In addition, when selecting the plug and socket products, we should also pay attention to whether the product has a national strong product certification mark on the product, that is, "CCC". As far as possible, we should purchase products of large and medium-sized enterprises as far as possible, and never pursue the low price unilaterally.
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