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When DC power socket is linked, loop planning is needed.

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DC power socket links when the need for loop planning, many times we are not very clear, the following to introduce you.
DC power socket power supply circuit planning
(1) DC power outlet of air conditioner, general power outlet, electric water heater power outlet, kitchen power outlet and toilet power outlet and lighting should be set in separate circuits.
(2) The power socket circuit should have overload, short circuit maintenance and overvoltage, undervoltage or low voltage circuit breaker with multiple functions and leakage inductive maintenance. It is advisable to disconnect the phase line and the neutral line together, and the fuse should not be used to maintain the components. In addition to split air conditioner power outlet circuit, other power outlet circuit should be equipped with leakage maintenance device. When conditions are met, it is advisable to set up leakage maintenance devices separately.
(3) The number of DC power outlets in each air conditioner should not exceed 2, and the cabinet air conditioner should be powered by its own circuit.
(4) bathrooms should be locally assisted and equipotential combined.
(5) When the kitchen is indirectly close to the hygiene, an electric box can be set near the kitchen to supply power to the power outlet circuit of the kitchen and toilet. In this way, the outlet circuit of the household distribution box can be reduced, the circuit interpolation can be reduced, and the reliability of power supply can be improved.
(6) Copper-cored plastic wires of not less than 2.5mm2 shall be selected for the conductor section of the branch circuit of the power outlet from the self-distribution box.
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