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Wiring methods and precautions for DC socket

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The connection method of DC socket has already been explained. Today, the main purpose is to explain the use of DC socket and the wiring precautions, please visit the collection.
DC socket is not unfamiliar in our daily life, it is called DC socket, but for most people is also a little understanding of DC socket. Why do you say that, because in addition to technicians, I believe that people usually also very little to understand about the technical knowledge of DC socket, such as DC socket foot how to connect it? In the use of sockets need to pay attention to what matters? Compared to these knowledge inside you are also less aware of it. Relative to the previous talk to you about how to prevent DC socket faults such as Mars, then below by Best Electronics technicians to explain how the DC socket foot how to connect and use attention to six major issues.
DC socket pin connection method
At present, DC socket generally consists of three feet, the interface between the feet of DC socket is positive, and the left and right feet interface is negative. Then the working principle of the DC socket is that when the DC socket plug is inserted, the dynamic contact point 3 of the DC socket foot will be jacked first, and then the battery negative channel inside the circuit will be cut off. At this time, the internal power supply will stop power supply. For connecting to the external power negative electrode, the foot position 1 and foot position 3 of the DC socket will form the external power supply. Access. However, for DC socket foot connection method, in fact, and the traditional socket connection are almost the same, generally on the ground wire, and then is left zero right fire. It means that the foot position in the middle of the DC socket is the grounding line, and the foot positions on the left and right sides are connected to the zero line and the fire line respectively.
Five points for attention in using DC socket
Points for attention
For the operation of DC socket with small rated current, do not use it on some high-power equipment, in order to avoid the rated current inside the DC socket can not be loaded, causing damage or burning the socket.
Points for attention two
When the temperature of DC socket is too high or arcing or lightning occurs, the use of the socket should be stopped and the socket should be replaced immediately. Otherwise, the DC socket will cause the socket to fire because of the high temperature of the line.
Points for attention three
When the power cord or plug of the DC socket is damaged and needs to be replaced, do not operate and replace it privately, in order to avoid some incorrect operation, it will also lead to some other fault phenomena in the use of the socket.  Therefore, professional technical personnel should be replaced.
Points for attention four
For DC socket plugs do not insert too tight or too loose, moderate can be. In order to avoid the use of sockets will cause the plug and socket contact problems, resulting in DC socket power supply instability and other phenomena.
Points for attention five
In the connection of DC socket, relative to the operation of the insertion force should not be too large, whether it will easily lead to socket pin breakage or bending and so on.
Points for attention six
In the use of DC socket, do not touch the socket interface by hand, in order to avoid causing electrical shock and other accidents. At the same time, water droplets and other water vapor liquid should be prevented from intruding into the interface of the socket, whether it will cause some short-circuit accidents in the use of the socket and so on.
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