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A series of questions about the passing rate of light touch switch production

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How about the pass rate of light touch switch? What problems do you need to know? Let me introduce below.
More than 90% of the switches and DC power sockets manufactured by light touch switch manufacturers have production licenses issued by relevant departments. However, less than half of the products that are truly qualified can be achieved. Many light touch switch manufacturers exaggerate and cheat consumers in publicity. In order to better introduce our switchgear manufacturers, our data are collected from our factory. In accordance with the principle of honesty and openness, we manage and sell our products.
Experts have analyzed that the low price of raw materials for inferior DC power outlets is a direct factor in luring manufacturers of miscellaneous brands and inferior products to operate in violation of regulations. In addition, the market competition is fierce, most manufacturers in order to cater to the consumer pursuit of low-cost psychology, at the expense of product quality, reduce costs. The existence of shoddy and shoddy products in electrical accessories industry poses a serious threat to the survival of genuine products. Our light touch switch manufacturer adopts transparent management and publicity operation. We invite customers to visit our factory regularly to show our production process and test the quality of our products.
Light touch switch manufacturer production process: stamping - injection molding - Cleaning - assembly - molding - testing, its color is relatively single, because of waterproof light touch switch production environment requirements are very high, light touch switch manufacturer production use dust-proof workshop production, to ensure product quality. In addition, the cost and price of the light touch switch is relatively low, generally not due to fluctuations in raw materials in the market and large price adjustments. For us, the price will be fixed according to the general market price. There will be no increase in price. Our manufacturers can also customize different colors, sizes and appearance products according to different needs.
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