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Introduction to the method of prolonging longevity by miniature toggle switch

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How should we use the micro toggle switch for longer and longer service life? Let's give you a detailed introduction below.
The biggest technical feature of the miniature toggle switch is to prevent loss and extend its service life. The wear of micro-switch can be divided into wear and fatigue. The wear of micro-switch means the wear of contact surface or the loss of material. The fatigue of micro-switch refers to the generation of fatigue cracks or the reduction of fatigue life of metal and other materials.
1. The micro toggle switch increases the intensity of the surface of the contact element, which is the main way to reduce the loss. It can obtain special composition, microstructure and properties of material surface by various surface treatment methods, such as physical (laser, ion implantation and other hardening technology to change the surface microstructure), chemical (carburizing, nitriding and other surface hardening technology), mechanical (shot peening, rolling, etc. to increase surface residual compressive stress). Wear resistance and fatigue resistance. In addition, there are ways to strengthen the electrical capacity of fatigue-prone metal reeds and contacts, such as replacing silver, alloy and other metal materials.
2. The change of the structure of the micro toggle switch can also reduce the loss effect. For example, changing the geometric structure, clamping mode, contact size and so on, but also changing the pressure distribution and contact mode at the contact surface, can improve the fretting damage resistance performance to varying degrees. Another effective measure to reduce the loss of Dongguan micro-switch is to reduce the friction coefficient (that is, friction), which can be achieved by increasing the lubricating medium.
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