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Introduction of the specific advantages of the bracket light touch switch

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What advantages does the bracket touch switch have? Why do you like to choose the bracket touch switch? The following is a detailed introduction to you.
The hardware bracket on the periphery of the touch switch is called the touch switch with bracket as the name suggests. The switch will have more legs than the ordinary switch, and it has no special line performance, only a fixed function. The products with brackets are side-pressed, no normal press, because the bearing force is achievable, ordinary side-press can not reach the strength of the press, so brackets are used on the side-press above.
Application scope and performance parameters:
1. rated range Rating:50mA 12VDC;
2. contact resistance Contact Resistance:50m max (initial);
3. insulation resistance Insulation Resistance:100M minDC (minDC 250V);
4. compression strength Dielectric Strength:AC250V (50/60Hz for 1minute);
5. mechanical life Electrically Life:50000cycles;
6. the ambient temperature is Environment temperature:-25 -70 C. Applications: Mobile phones, headphones, tablets, medical equipment, Bluetooth audio, Bluetooth headset, remote control, smart watches, smart home, digital products and other electronic products.
Shopping tips:
Because its appearance is basically wrapped by hardware, its salt properties are very important. Life and feel, if you choose a product there is no such problem, so how to choose depends on your product positioning.
Appearance style:
Appearance styles are: round hole bracket, upper bracket, lower bracket, bracket with column, waterproof bracket, dust-proof bracket, double bracket, two-in-one bracket, single bracket.
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