Chat for Google

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Chat for Google is a very polished looking Chrome background app that may interest anyone who uses Google Talk aka Google Chat on a regular basis. Background apps in chrome are able to continue running even after all browser windows are closed, this essentially allows background apps to function almost as if they were native desktop apps. Read the rest of this entry »

Troubleshooting A WordPress Install

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wordpress troubleshootingManually installing WordPress is a pretty simple and straightforward process but sometimes things can go wrong.  Here are some possible problems you can encounter when installing WordPress and ways to fix them.

Problem: Incorrect database name/user name/password.  After creating a database and uploading WordPress to your web server you can usually go straight through the installation process simply by visiting the WordPress directory in your web browser and inputting the requested information, but if something goes wrong (maybe you made a typo or forgot to add the user name prefix many servers add to their database, and database user names) visiting the WordPress directory will no longer take you through the setup process it will simply give you an error message.

Solution: The way you can reenter your information correctly is by going to /wordpress/wp-admin/install.php where “/wordpress” is the instillation directory of your copy of WordPress. Read the rest of this entry »

Access Android Via WiFi

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Android Windows WifiThe following method was tested with a Motorola Droid running Android 2.1, and a PC running Windows 7. It should work using computers running Windows XP or Vista as well.

The steps listed in this post will allow you to set up you Android devise as a network location on your Windows PC. The two-step process is simple first you install and set up a FTP server on your Android Phone, I recommend SwiFTP which can be downloaded from the market by scanning the QR code below. Read the rest of this entry »

WebM Open and Free Video

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webm projectWhat It Is

WebM is a new video format which uses the open source Ogg Vorbis audio codec, and the VP8 video codec recently acquired by google which it has made open source.

The Haters Deterents

Who would like to stop the use of Web M (or at least make sure it’s not so free) ?  Most likely the 26 companies contributing to the patent pool for H.264 which is the primary video format for the iPod and a number of other software and consumer electronics. Some of the companies which make up this pool are Microsoft, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Philips Electronics, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, and Apple ( 2010). Read the rest of this entry »

Initial WordPress Setup

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WordPress is a great CMS, and blogging platform, but there are a few things you should change or consider adding out of the box. I’ve listed a few of these things below.

Permalinks: The most commonly used, and recommended  permalink structure for SEO is http://yourdomain/category/post-title. This Can be achieved in your WordPress admin area by clicking on Settings > Premalinks then selecting the Custom Structure option and placing /%category%/%postname%/ in the area provided.

XML Site Maps are used by many search engines to help index pages on web sites. Google XML Sitemaps is a popular plugin which helps generate a site map for your blog and keep it updated. Once you have your site map created it’d be a good Idea to set up a Google Web Master Tools account and submit your XML site map. Web master tools can be used to give you good information about your site and alert you to any potential problems. Read the rest of this entry »

Engadget 10 gadgets that defined the decade

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Engadget has a post dedicated gadgets that have defined the decade the list is as follows

  • Canon Digital ELPH (2000)
  • Apple PowerBook G4 (Titanium) (2001)
  • Microsoft Windows XP (2001) / Apple Mac OS X (2000)
  • Apple iPod (2001)
  • TiVo Series2 (2002)
  • Motorola RAZR V3 (2003)
  • PalmOne Treo 600 / 650 (2003 / 2004)
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 (2005)
  • Apple iPhone (2007)
  • ASUS Eee PC 900 (2008)

pretty good list overall What are your thoughts ?

Google Chromium OS

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google-chrome-os-od0-170 Google’s Chromium OS is an operating system that is designed based on Google’s Chrome browser. The idea behind Chromium OS is to have a user experience that takes place entirely in the browser and every application is a web app, this also means that all of your data will be online which I imagine causes some unease with some users.

Presumably Chrome OS will be tied to your Google account where all of your data , settings etc will be stored, this does present the ability to truly have your data available everywhere without additional software , vpn’s other and other remote access tools. Read the rest of this entry »

SharePoint Global Calendar

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A centralized calendar is a great feature to have for portals or collaboration workspaces, however, there is no default way to achieve this in WSS without a third party solution.

Gunnar Peipman has an excellent article on creating a SharePoint global calendar using site data query and calendar view control. I have slightly modified the code to allow the Global Calendar web part to query all SharePoint event list and I have added a custom field in SharePoint which will determine if the list item will display on our global calendar web part.

You can visit Gunnar Peipman’s blog to view the entire code I will list sections of the original code and modifications I have made. Read the rest of this entry »

Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus software freely available

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Microsoft has released an anti-virus solution named Security Essentials  it is available for free here.

Patching SharePoint with minimal downtime

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From Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog

In brief, the solution requires that you:

  • Disable mirroring and set the mirror databases to read-only
  • Route network and database traffic to the read-only databases
  • Apply software updates to the offline servers
  • Route network and database traffic to the updated servers
  • Apply software updates to the secondary farm
  • Re-enable mirroring and set the mirrored databases to read/write

To read the full solution, see Configure a server farm for minimal downtime during software updates